If there’s one thing you want to stay away from while divorcing, it’s drugs and alcohol. Substance abuse during divorce can have a really negative impact on your experience with healing. In fact, there’s a few specific areas where it’s negatives really show up…

Substance Abuse During Divorce: Physical Impact of Divorce

Hurts your health

Substance abuse during divorce can really impact your health. It’s not uncommon for people to feel very stressed during a divorce. The issue is that this stress can sometimes cause them to do things they otherwise would avoid. One of these things could be going from occasional drug and alcohol use and into abuse.

The dangers of alcohol abuse are very well-known, and can get worse the more you drink. The same goes for illicit drugs, as they too can have unintended side-effects. Plus, things can get much worse if you decide to mix drugs with alcohol, potentially leading to a very dangerous cocktail.

Impacts future plans

Another thing substance abuse during divorce does is impact your post-divorce plans. A lot of people tend to get caught up in negative thoughts for their future. They feel like they’ve failed now, and everything else after will be a waste. As a result, they turn to drugs or alcohol to try and find some temporary pleasure and to cope

However, eventually this will make it hard to do anything after your divorce. It’ll especially hurt any plans about a new job, getting more education, or whatever else you might’ve been considering. When drugs and alcohol become the focal point, you can lose sight of everything else you can soon do. 

Influences the divorce itself

It’s also important to keep in mind that substance abuse during divorce can impact the actual process itself. Remember that a lot of decisions will depend on how responsible you appear and your overall character. If you are abusing something like drugs or alcohol, it can seriously hurt your divorce goals.

Not only that, but your ex will be less willing to work with you as well. This can easily cause you to end up in a poor position. Therefore, it’s best to stay away from the drugs and alcohol altogether during this time.