One of the toughest things when creating a blended family is stepchild bonding. Your stepchild might feel a bit awkward around you, which isn’t your fault. However, doing some activities together can help break the ice and improve your bond…

Stepchild Bonding: What To Try

Watch their favorite show/movie

One good method of stepchild bonding is watching their favorite movie or T.V. show with them. This is especially good for younger stepchildren. For them, it shows you’re interested in something they are as well. This can help them warm up to you and give you a fairer chance, as they’ll be in their comfort zone.

When you’re watching the show or movie with them, try to use it as a way to spark some conversation. You can ask them about their favorite character, episode, etc. Younger kids especially like to talk to others about their interests. If they feel like they can talk to you, then they’ll soon be more trusting of you too.

Do something outside

Another good way to encourage stepchild bonding is by doing something active. For instance, maybe your stepchild is an athlete. This can help you have a topic you can talk to them about. Even more so, it can give you something you can do with them together.

The nice thing about this method of bonding is how it shows your stepchild you have an interest in their lives. You’re willing to go outside and play their favorite sport with them, which their other parent may not do. That can be a big thing for them and give you something you can mutually bond over.

Play a game

Games are also great for stepchild bonding. Playing a game helps show your stepchild you can be fun, which is especially good if they’re awkward around you. They’re trying to figure out what kind of person you are, and by playing with them, you help them see you aren’t all that scary.

Plus, this can be something you do no matter what the age is of your stepchild. Younger kids may be interested in playing board games, while older ones might want to play video games. Even if they decline at first, don’t let that dissuade you from asking at a later time. Eventually, they’ll give it a chance and your bond will improve.