Websites like Facebook and Twitter allow for us to connect with people all over the world. However, social media can also turn into a major headache during your divorce. In fact, there’s a few things you might want to avoid posting when going through your divorce…

Social Media: What To Avoid Posting

Targeted posts

Social media posts about your ex are something you want to avoid. Divorce can be very frustrating, especially if your ex is making things harder. It can be tempting to vent some of that frustration out in your posts. After all, it’s your page, so why can’t you speak your mind?

Making these kinds of posts isn’t a good idea for a couple reasons. For starters, it airs all your personal drama out in public. This can just invite unnecessary attention to your divorce, and make your ex more unlikely to cooperate. Plus, your ex could even use these posts against you in court to further back their position.

Angry responses

Sometimes, people run into the opposite problem with social media and divorce. For them, their ex has been the one posting and saying things about them. Therefore, they think that they’re justified to respond and “correct the records”. However, this too is something that you want to avoid.

If your ex is making these kinds of posts, they want to get a reaction out of you. By replying, you’d have “taken the bait”. It’s much better to ignore their comments and take the high road. If people see them constantly posting about you, while you say nothing, they’ll see who is more mature about things.

Inappropriate pics

With how stressful divorce can be, it makes sense that you might want a break every now and then. It’s important to still make some time for yourself during your divorce. However, try to be conscious about what exactly you plan on doing, and potentially sharing to social media. 

Posting pictures of your partying or acting inappropriately can really hurt your divorce goals. Plus, it doesn’t present a great image of who you are to the people following you. These kinds of posts can not only impact your divorce, but other areas of your life, such as your job.