How you use social media can have negative consequences, even after your divorce. However, your social media habits during divorce are very important. While social media is something people widely use, there’s a few things you’ll want to avoid doing while divorcing…

Social Media Habits: What To Avoid

Rants and attacks

One of the bad social media habits to avoid are rants or attacks. Many people use social media almost like a journal. Getting things off your chest can feel good, but it can also get you into the trouble. This is especially true when you’re getting a divorce.

If you post negative things about your ex, then they can use that as evidence against you. This can seriously impact how your divorce goes. Even if you have them blocked, don’t take the risk of posting things like these. Mutual friends or other followers could send them your posts and still get you in trouble. 

Location sharing

Location sharing is also another of the bad social media habits to avoid. Technology makes it very easy for us to let others know where we are in the world. For example, maybe we want to show others when we’re vacationing or going somewhere fancy. While this might seem like no big deal, it can be an issue when you’re divorcing.

If your ex sees you taking a vacation, then they might try to claim that shows you don’t need as much alimony as you claim. Or, they could say it shows you don’t have time for a split custody agreement. It’s a lot better to avoid these issues by turning off location sharing on the apps you use.

Party posts

Much of the “social” aspect of social media means making posts with you and your friends. Usually, that involves when you and your friends are out, either at parties or other types of social events. However, these kind of posts are another from of bad social media habits.

Making posts like these could send a message that you aren’t taking your divorce as seriously as it should. Your ex can use this against you, much like with location sharing. If you do go out with friends, keep your pictures for personal use.