Single parent-dom is tough stuff, no matter the gender. But, it seems like single fathers get the short end of the stick when it comes to representation and celebration. When you think of a hardworking single parent, most people automatically think of moms. But, there are just as many dedicated, single dads out there. You’re typically seen as the financial provider, while a mom is seen as the one to take care of the children. Gender roles, while we are pushing harder than ever to banish them, still have a strong hold over the parenting realm. So, hardworking single papa— we see you, and this one goes out to you. 

Single Fathers Celebration: Encouragements for A Single Dad

Small victories are awesome 

Did you recently learn to braid your daughters hair? Made pancakes for the first time? Or, maybe you just sent your kid off for their first sleepover. Whatever the small victory of today is, celebrate it! You’re dong an awesome job, so reward yourself. Whether that reward is an afternoon nap, a hot shower, or hiring a babysitter and hitting the town with your friends. You deserve a moment of down time every single fathersnow and then as well.

Being relieved when you have that time alone, isn’t a crime 

It’s a common theme amongst primary parents— they feel bad for being excited about alone time. We’re here to tell you… don’t feel bad! You’ve earned your alone time, and I guarantee, the grandparents are thrilled to have a night with their grand-babies. You don’t have to feel like a bad person for being human and aching for a little quiet time to yourself. 

Enjoy the ride 

Being a single parent is trying at times. Everything is on you, and it might not have previously been. So, there will be an adjustment period; hard times, and times when you mess up. But, in time, you’ll find a stride and your family will be smooth-sailing. Through the hard times, and the great on

es, have fun with it all! Ten years down the road you’ll be able to look back fondly on those Saturday movie marathons, and hide-and-seek’s in the basement. And, believe it or not, you’ll be able to laugh about the time you sent your kid to school in two different shoes, or accidentally put salt in the sugar cookies. 

You have a unique opportunity

Single fathers and mothers alike, have the ability to fully control over the reigns— and access every experience across the board. Enjoy the ride. It may be difficult, but I guarantee— all your handwork will pay off.