Conflict, no matter how much a person tries to avoid it, is a part of every relationship. However, certain emotions tend to create more relationship strain than others. Knowing what these emotions are can help you and your partner dodge potential arguments in the future…

Relationship Strain: Emotions To Avoid

Constant insecurity

One common relationship strain is constant insecurity. Usually, this happens when a partner doesn’t have a good opinion about themselves. They may feel “unworthy” of a partner, and as a result always feel on-edge or worried that their current one will leave them for someone “better”.

Some common questions you see with insecurity are things like “do you really love me?” or “when are you going to leave me?” It’s prodding questions like these which eventually get under a partner’s skin. Eventually, it turns into a self-fulfilling prophecy. Therefore, it’s important to put some faith in your partner and understand they like you for you.


Controlling personalities also tend to cause relationship strain. Some people feel a need to keep a sense of control over their partner. Often times, this stems from a fear of being controlled themselves. As a result, they present a more-dominant personality than they usually might.

Signs of a controlling partner can be hard to spot. If one partner constantly tells the other what they can or can’t do, then they’re taking a controlling position. Eventually, the controlled partner will get tired of this, and make a decision. Either they’ll make moves to either stop the control, or break things off. 

Need for attention

A constant need for attention also leads to a lot of relationship strain. Of course, it’s important for couples to spend time with one another. However, couples also need some alone time as well. Those who have a need for attention, though, see this as a problem.

To them, they take this alone time as their partner somehow not liking them. This causes them to constantly pester their partner, which causes tension in the relationship. Eventually, it can be to much, and this need for attention can cause the relationship to end.