Rock Hill Property Division

Rock Hill Property Division

If you are thinking about divorce, you are likely thinking about your property as well. A big concern for many people is Rock Hill property division. Will you keep your house? What about your car or jewelry? Family courts in Rock Hill decide these questions with the rules of equitable distribution. At Robert J. Reeves, P.C., our attorneys understand how stressful these questions can be. That is why they will be here for you throughout the entire process.

Marital vs. Nonmarital Property

Questions of Rock Hill property division often come down to deciding what property is marital and what isn’t. This allows us to determine your marital estate. This is important because the family court can only affect property that is marital.

Usually, the date that you acquire the property decides its status. So, if you buy a house after you marry, it will likely be marital. If you buy a piano before you get married, it will likely be nonmarital.

However, sometimes nonmarital property can become marital. The law calls this “transmutation.” It happens when property that benefits one party at first later benefits both. Most commonly, this is the marital home. Many people buy a home before getting married. Then, after marriage, the spouse moves into that home. This home will likely transmute to marital property. Thus, the court may divide the home.

Once we know what property your marital estate includes, we can predict how a court would divide it. This allows us to better represent you in mediation and trial if need be. We prefer to settle issues of Rock Hill property division because you have more say over your property. However, we are prepared to argue on your behalf before a judge.

Don’t deal with this stuff alone. Contact us today to get help with your Rock Hill property division.