More than Rock Hill Divorce

More to Rock Hill Divorce Law than Divorce

At Robert J. Reeves P.C., we can handle more than your divorce. We are capable of taking care of many Rock Hill divorce law issues. After all, there is more to all of this than divorce.


While divorce is often stressful for all and sad for a few, adoptions should be happy moments in your life. That’s why it is a good idea to have a lawyer on your side just in case something unexpected happens. A lawyer can help your adoption run smooth as butter.


Annulments confuse most people. In fact, a great majority of people who believe they can get an annulment are wrong. Annulments are only available in certain, specific situations. However, just because an annulment is not available does not mean a divorce is not as well.

The grounds for an annulment are:

  • Duress
  • Fraud
  • Bigamy
  • Incest
  • Mental incompetence
  • Underage
  • No cohabitation

These are very narrow grounds. Courts do not like granting an annulment unless it is absolutely necessary. So, our attorneys can let you know whether you are eligible for an annulment and, if not, what other options are available to you.


Rock Hill divorce law always involves mediation. York County requires mediation in all contested family law matters. And we are okay with this. In our opinion, settling your divorce in mediation is preferable to going to court because you have more control over the end result. Our attorneys pride themselves on excellently representing your interests in mediation.


Military members who are going through a divorce or starting a family have their own problems to be concerned with. In some situations, your military assets, such as your pension, could be divided in the divorce. Our attorneys are proud to represent military members in family court and know how to protect you and your military assets.


In some cases, you can modify an agreement or court order. You can modify things that deal with custody, support, and alimony. You cannot modify property division. If you need to modify any of these orders or agreements, our attorneys will be more than happy to help

So, if you need help with Rock Hill divorce law issues that go beyond divorce, contact us today!