Rock Hill Child Support

Rock Hill Child Support

If your divorce involves a child, a court will want to impose child support obligations. At Robert J. Reeves P.C., our attorneys will work to ensure that the court comes up with a fair award of Rock Hill child support.

Calculating Child Support in Rock Hill

Courts use the South Carolina Child Support Guidelines when calculating Rock Hill child support. Using these guidelines, a court can determine how much support a party should pay to another. Instead of looking at arbitrary factors, these guidelines look at how much of each parent’s income that parent would normally have spent on the child. Beyond these guidelines, courts will also look to a few other factors related to the child’s situation.

The main factors that the court looks at are each parent’s gross income and earning potential. But the court also considers other items such as expenses, assets, health, and the needs of the child. Also, the court will look at any other relevant factor related to the case. Thus, calculating Rock Hill child support is done on a case-by-case basis.

Modifying Child Support

Once a court sets the amount of child support, you will likely be stuck paying it for a while. Judges have a degree of discretion when awarding child support. So, unless a judge abuses their discretion, an appellate court will not overturn an award of child support.

But, you can attempt to modify the amount you pay. This requires a change in circumstances for you or your spouse.

Rock Hill child support is not easy. It is not just a matter of one party pitching in a little every now and then. Courts take it very seriously and want to make sure that any child involved in the divorce will not go without. Thus, our attorneys will work hard to make sure that the court comes to a fair accounting of you and your spouse’s income and expenses. That way any award of child support will be fair.

So, contact us today to speak with an attorney about your Rock Hill child support needs.