After your divorce, you might have had to say goodbye to the family pet. However, what about getting a post-divorce pet? A new pet can be a nice companion during these times, especially when feeling lonely. However, it also does come with some things to keep in mind…

Post-Divorce Pet: A Good Idea?

A source of companionship

After your divorce, you might be feeling very isolated. After all, you just got out of a marriage where you and your ex may have shared the same space for years. While these feelings may be normal, they aren’t easy to deal with. That’s where a pet can be a welcome addition.

A post-divorce pet is a great source of companionship. While your conversations may be a bit one-sided, having another living thing in the house can be really beneficial. After all, just petting something like a dog or a cat releases chemicals in the brain that help us feel good. 

Pets can help you meet others

Post-divorce pets are also a nice way for you to meet others. For instance, say you decide to get a dog. That means you’ll have to take it outside, go on walks, and maybe even make trips to the park. Now, not only are you going out to other places, but you have a great ice-breaker in the way of your pet.

Many pet owners like talking to each other about their pets. After all, what better way to connect with others than over your shared love of your pets? Your pet can be a great way for you to meet others like you, get to know them, and even make some new friends along the way.

Source of responsibility

Of course, a post-divorce pet, like any other kind, is a big responsibility. You’ll have to pay for food, toys, medical costs and anything else your pet might need. Plus, it’ll need a lot of attention, and it will need you to clean up after it. Depending on how your divorce went, that kind of responsibility might be the last thing you need.

However, some people might like that responsibility. A pet can help give you a sense of direction after your divorce. Plus, it can also help you build a new routine, as it’ll always need to be feed, go outside, etc. If you think you have the time and money for it, a new pet and the responsibility might be helpful for getting things back on track.