Many people, when their divorce is over, have a lot of trauma they struggle to deal with. All of this baggage can make it hard to move on and start your new life. One of the ways for you to combat divorce-related trauma is through post-divorce writing. Not only can it help you handle your trauma, but it can also help you prepare for the future…

Post-Divorce Writing: Emotional Impact of Divorce

The benefits of writing

If you don’t do a lot of writing, you might wonder how it can help you. However, writing has shown to be a very therapeuticand helpful process for those healing through trauma. In fact, many therapists encourage their clients to write due to the benefits it comes with. 

As a result, it makes sense that post-divorce writing will do the same for you. Writing will help your mind to focus, put things in perspective, and feel more confident about where you are and what you want to do. Still, there’s some specific ways you can write that can especially help you.

Dairies and journals

Dairies and journals are usually the go-to option for people getting into post-divorce writing. These are very simple and easy, as it’s just a place for you to write your thoughts and feelings out. However, they’re immensely helpful for getting your emotions on paper and putting things into perspective.

While you can have general dairies or journals, many people like to have specialized ones. For example, some people like to have separate “angry” and “positive” dairies. That way, not only do they get these emotions out, they can keep them split so the negative feelings don’t overshadow the positive ones.

Writing what you’ve learned

Something else that’s common in post-divorce writing is reflecting on what you’ve learned. Odds are that your divorce has taught you a lot of lessons. Therefore, what better way to remember it all and put it into perspective than by writing it down?

Writing down your divorce lessons can help you out when times get tough. That’s why many people like to write their lists down and have it hanging up somewhere for them to easily read. Doing so can help give you a quick boost to your self-esteem when you need it!