Divorce tends to take up a lot of your free time. As a result, you might feel like you’ve been putting your social life on hold for quite some time. Creating a post-divorce social life is definitely something you’ll want to do. It’ll just require a bit more work than usual…

Post-Divorce Social Life: Get Out There

Be with friends

When starting to put together your post-divorce social life, it’s good to start by spending time with your friends. These friends probably also offered you a lot of support when your divorce was occurring. Now, you’ll have a chance to finally spend time together without that hanging over your head.

Still, there may be some friends you end up not seeing anymore. Usually, these are friends who were closer to your ex than you. It can be a bit counterproductive to be around people who sided more with your ex than you. Therefore, prioritize being with those who really gave you a hand.

Try new things

It’s also good to consider trying out some new things are part of your post-divorce social life. Sticking with the “same old, same old” can get boring pretty fast. After all, you’ve just started a new chapter in your life. What better way to ring it in then by trying some different things?

In fact, this is a perfect time to do things you’ve always wanted to but have put off. Maybe you decide to take some classes to learn new techniques or join a local club for a hobby you’re interested in. Not only are these great for experiencing fun things, but you can also make some new friends in the process.

Strike a balance

Remember that you need to balance your post-divorce social life with your regular “home” life too. You don’t want to just spend all of your time out doing things. This is especially true if you have kids. Just like you, they’re going to need some help adjusting to things now that the divorce is over.

Be sure to set aside dedicate time you all spend as a family. This could just mean being together at home or going out to do things. By finding this balance, you’ll be able to give your kids the time they need and won’t feel guilty about going out yourself.