Many people see the time after their divorce as the perfect time to start their lives over. To some, a post-divorce move is the perfect way to start things off. However, is that necessarily the right call? As it turns out, it depends on a few things…

Post-Divorce Move: A Good Call?

Can you afford it?

The first thing to ask before you make any decision about moving, especially a post-divorce move, is can you afford it. Moving isn’t a cheap process. Firstly, you’ll have to find a new house or apartment, which comes with new mortgage or rent payments. Not to mention, you’ll have to handle any remaining payments on your current mortgage or rent.

Plus, there’s also the extra costs, like moving companies, packing supplies, etc. Trying to pull off a move when you can’t afford it can really make things do a 180 in a negative direction. Therefore, unless you know you can afford a move and still live comfortably after, you might want to hold off on it.

Consider your obligations

Many people who are interested in a post-divorce move see it as a chance to escape from all the lingering memories or feelings from their marriage or divorce. However, while that sounds nice, in reality it’s not that easy. You have to consider that you’ll still have obligations to stick to, even after your divorce.

A clear example of this is if you’re a parent. Having joint custody with your ex means you both have an obligation to be there for your children. Moving, potentially to someplace far away, can cause friction with your ex and kids. Therefore, you’d be better off waiting to move until you can get things like this worked out. 

What will you give up?

Every move comes with its pros and cons. A post-divorce move is no different. When you’re caught up in the exciting idea of a move, it can be hard to see the negatives. However, it’s important to compare both the benefits and the negatives of a move before you make a decision.

For example, will a move leave you closer or farther from friends and family? Will it bring you closer to your job, or will you have to find a new one? Your answers to questions such as does will help you see if a move really is the best call at this time.