Divorcing isn’t easy, even if you both agree it’s the best decision. However, one thing that many struggle with is post-divorce heartache. This pain can not only make it hard to start your new life, but also impact future attempts at dating. Therefore, you’ll want to take a few steps to start healing…

Post-Divorce Heartache: Emotional Impact of Divorce

Accept what happened

In order to heal your post-divorce heartache, you have to accept that it’s a thing. Many divorced people struggle to understand how they could be feeling heartbreak. This is especially true if they suggested the divorce, or it was a mutual decision. To them, they think that they can’tfeel heartache, or at the very least shouldn’t.

The fact is that heartache is a natural part of divorce. After all, it represents an end to a vision you once had about a life with another person. Moving on from that is going to be tough for anybody, no matter if they wanted the divorce or not. It’s important to understand that it’s okay for you to feel this way.

Know the emotions

It’s also important to understand the emotions post-divorce heartache can bring. You might feel like you’ve got no motivation, and would rather stay in bed and do nothing. Or, you might feel some kind of anger towards yourself, your ex, or the situation you’re in. Some people even feel betrayed, and wonder if their ex ever did love them in the first place.

When you experience these emotions, take a second and gather your thoughts. Realize that these aren’t your “normal” thoughts. This is just how the heartbreak is making you feel. Know these feelings, and counter them with more positive thoughts instead.

Take your time

There is no timetable for healing from post-divorce heartache. Of course, everyone wishes to get over it soon. But while some people may need less time than others, it’s important to know everyone is different. What matters is you give yourself that time to heal in the first place.

It can be hard to experience these emotions, but understand that by doing so, you’re helping yourself move past them. It would be more harmful to pretend you didn’t feel them, and try to move on. Take the time now to heal so your new future doesn’t have to suffer.