When you go through a divorce, it’s easy to feel jaded about getting back out there. After all, your last attempt didn’t quite go as planned. So, maybe you’re questioning when, and if, the time will be right to jump into post-divorce dating. So, were here to encourage you— not towards one way or the other, but in making the choice that’s right for you. After all, this time is your time…

Post-Divorce Dating: When and If the Time is Right?

There’s no shame in taking a good amount of ‘me time’

For some time after your divorce, you’ll probably struggling with feeling alone. This is totally normal. However, with time, you might just find that that’s your sweet spot. If you do, there’s no shame in putting your dating life on the back burner in exchange for personal time, or time with your kids. Enjoy your freedom; enjoy it in the way you’d like. But, don’t close yourself off to the possibility of new people in your life. Part of growing and moving on with your life, is inviting new and old friends to celebrate that with you.

Dating is scary sometimes…

Especially in a day and age where technology has become a center of it. If you’ve been married for quite some time, you might not know any other way of doing it besides organically, and that’s understandable. Figure out what you’re comfortable with, take your time, and ask your single friends questions. There’s no shame in needing a little direction, and there’s no shame in retreating back to your comfy space after that first date. Try it out in small doses, put yourself out there— but do so in your own time.

Get right with yourself first

You’re just now figuring out you. Maybe that isn’t the ideal time to bring someone new into the mix. Find your routines first, re-engage with your friends, find a hobby, build your own home. Now, more than ever, you have the opportunity to redefine your life, and who/what is in it. Life moves on, and you’ll find yourself happy and re-immersed with your community, and when you’re ready, you’ll start post-divorce dating. No one said you have to rush it; heal first. Only then will dating feel like an adventure rather than a necessity.