When it comes to parenting, it can be hard to always know what’s best for your kid. But if you are throwing a divorce in the mix, parenting can become even trickier. How do you know how to address the topic or what your child needs from you during this time? Well here’s list of parenting do’s during your divorce to help you do what’s best for your child.

Parenting Do’s During Your Divorce

prepare your child for what to expect

One of the most important things on your parenting do list is to prepare your child for your divorce. Once you or your partner agree to split, it’s important to begin preparing your child. By doing this, it can give them time to adjust to the idea instead of feeling like it happened too quickly.

In addition to preparing them for the break up, also prep them on how life will change.

be as direct as possible

With all the changes they will be facing, your kids will want answers. And it’s best to give it to them as honestly and directly as possible. For instance, if they begin asking how they will see their other parent, give them firm answers. In these cases, you’ll want them to feel as much security as possible. So whatever firm answers you can give them will help them adjust to changes and still feel safe about what’s to come.

let them express their feelings and then validate them

When dealing with a divorce, kids will face a lot of emotions. From sadness, loss, anxiety, and guilt, they may feel one or all of these very intensely. As much as possible, you want them to be able to express them emotions. And when they do, you want to be there to let them know they are normal responses. Sometimes we feel that our top on our list of parenting do’s is to fix whatever emotions our child is feeling. But instead of wanting to take those away, focusing on validating those emotions and offering comfort and reassurance where you can.

don’t be afraid to seek professional help

During this time in your lives, you and your children will be going through a lot. In some cases, your child may not be able to express all of it. And you may not feel fully equipped to handle all of it. Both of these issues are totally normal. Which is why you shouldn’t feel afraid of seeking out professional help.

In some cases, it may just do your child good to talk to someone outside of their inner circle. If so, don’t feel like you’re failing on your list of parenting do’s. Instead, you can rest easy knowing that getting your child the help they need is the one of the most important aspects of parenting do’s during your divorce.