The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many people’s marriages and divorce plans to be flipped upside down. However, one of the most interesting things to happen has been online marriages. This raises the question of what about an online divorce? It may sound odd now, but it could be happening sooner than you think. Online divorce is absolutely a possibility of the future. But what would that look like? And where would it start?

Online Divorce: Digital Separation


COVID-19 has caused a lot of people to shift many aspects of their lives online. For instance, software like Zoom is allowing for companies to help employees work at home and keep in touch. In the areas most impacted by the pandemic, some people are even trying to digitize their marriage ceremonies.

Recently, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo waved the requirement for marriage licenses to be obtained in-person. This is so couples don’t have to make trips down to the courthouse, keeping them and everyone else safer. At the same time, this has also raised the question of if divorces will follow suit, also going digital.

Keeps people safe

One of the advantages of an online divorce, much like with online marriages, is that it would help keep people safe. Usually, divorce will require you to go to different places and sometimes meet with your soon-to-be-ex. In these times, this can be risky, as it could put you at odds with social distancing standards.

By going digital, you won’t have to worry about placing yourself at risk. Instead, you can have those meetings take place online. This can also help keep tensions between you and your ex lower, as you won’t have to physically see one another.

Speed things up

Another potential benefit of online divorce is that it could help speed the process up. The speed of a divorce depends on a lot of different factors. Chief among them is you and your ex’s schedules. Finding time to meet up and discuss things, as well as scheduling court time, can be difficult, especially if you have work or kids.

Being able to do things online would help clear up a lot of these potential issues. You and your ex could now take care of things when you have free time, and not worry about calling off of work or finding a babysitter. Considering how many people have seen their divorces slow to a crawl in recent times, an online option could help them avoid this and move towards their post-divorce life.