So, your divorce has just been finalized and you and your ex-spouse have joint custody. You get the kids every other week, and this is your first week without them. Or, perhaps you’ve had full custody since the divorce, but a new custody agreement has given your ex-spouse some new rights. Whatever the case, if you are missing children post-divorce it’s not easy for you. If it helps, it’s not easy for anyone. Below are some tips for what to do in these situations.

Missing Children: Post-Divorce Difficulties

Stay Busy

When your child is at the other parent’s house, it’s best to make plans to keep yourself busy. Missing children post-divorce is inevitable, and it probably won’t get too much easier as time passes. Staying busy with a list of things to do or accomplish is a good idea to keep your mind off your quiet house. 

Call Them (Or Better Yet, Have Them Call You)

Calling your child reminds them that you are thinking of them. If you find yourself missing children post-divorce, text them a funny picture or send them an emoji. Of course, texting might not be appropriate for all age groups, so work around that accordingly. If they aren’t old enough to have their own cell phones, set up a time that works with your ex for them to call you. This open line of communication should go both ways, so make sure you allow your ex that same courtesy when it’s your time with the child(ren).

Treat Yourself

Have something to look forward to during your off-times. Missing children post-divorce should not mean you have an empty house and an empty heart! Make time for yourself, your friends, or your new significant other. This way, everyone is getting the attention they need and you don’t feel like one is getting more than the other.

Missing children post-divorce will probably always be difficult. It might get easier, but it won’t be something you enjoy. Just remember that your child deserves to spend time with their other parent.