Being single after a divorce can be enjoyable in a few different ways. However, odds are you and your spouse shared split household responsibilities when married. Therefore you might find yourself lacking some life skills post-divorce. Getting a handle on the simple stuff will let you more easily adjust to your new life…

Life Skills Post-Divorce: Going Your Own Way

Use lists and notes

Lists and notes are very helpful when you’re relearning life skills post-divorce. It can be hard to memorize everything you need to take care of now that you’re single. For example, maybe your spouse handled things like grocery shopping or picking the kids up from school. You’ll probably struggle to memorize the full list or when to pick up the kids if you don’t have a reference.

That’s why lists and notes are so handy. Constantly seeing the info you need to remember will help you commit it to memory faster. Plus, there’s a wide variety of apps you can make use of to keep your lists or notes all in one place. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with preferring pen and paper too!

Prioritize accordingly

Prioritizing properly is also handy for relearning life skills post-divorce. When you run into something you struggle with, you may not want to move onto something else. However, you have to ask yourself: “is this a priority, or something I can come back to a bit later?”

This is another area that lists can be helpful with. For instance, setting up important bill payments is more important than setting up your cable box properly. Therefore, you can indicate that in your list. Those things that aren’t a priority will still be there when you’re finished with the more-important matters!

Don’t give up

It’s important not to give up when relearning life skills post-divorce. You might feel discouraged that you’re struggling with seemingly “basic” things. But, remember that you haven’t had to worry about them like this for quite a while. It makes sense that you might be a bit out of practice.

Do your best to keep a positive attitude and soon you’ll notice yourself improve. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help! Reaching out to friends or family for advice or tips can show you a way of handling things you wouldn’t have thought of otherwise.