There are times when you know that something isn’t going to go how you planned. These times include marriages. Hopefully, you’ve tried all you could to make it work. Unfortunately, it may still not be what you’d hoped. Whether you’ve emotionally gotten over your marriage or you’re on the way to that, you know what your next step needs to be. Leaving your marriage sounds like a do-able solution until you realize it may not be the easiest thing to do. If you were the stay-at-home spouse or just want more in your savings, getting out can be difficult.

Leaving Your Marriage: Is It Time?

Look for Different Jobs

Whether you have a job at the moment or not, it doesn’t hurt to look for different ones. This may sound easier than it actually is, but the world is your oyster! Of course, you could look for opportunities in fields that you’ve worked before. Luckily, you’d already have a leg up on that! Additionally, you could look for “odd” things that don’t take up a lot of time. For example, try to look at things like tutoring. If you were really good at a certain topic in school, someone out there could definitely use your help.

By looking and eventually getting a different job, this will help with being more independent. Therefore, if you’re certain about leaving your marriage, you can sustain yourself.

Lean on Family and Friends

While looking for new job opportunities, let close family and friends know what you’re going through. Leaving your marriage is no easy thing to do on your own. Even though leaning on family and friends doesn’t sound completely independent, it’s a step to getting there! They can give you a place to stay, babysit, keep you fed and be a huge emotional support. Additionally, they’ll mostly likely lift up your spirits. That way, if you’re in better spirits, you’ll be more motivated to look for jobs and landing on your feet.

Be Patient

Leaving you marriage can leave you with a lot of ups and downs. Luckily, it’s easy to see the good side of things when you’re having a good day. However, there are some days that are going to make it harder for you to stay patient. Try to take these days one at a time. Additionally, let the people around you know that you’re having a rough day. They can help take care of responsibilities that you need to get done or just make you feel less alone. Whichever day it is, a good one or a bad one, you must always stay patient. Try to remember the situation you’re in isn’t for forever and keep trying your hardest.

Leaving your marriage can be a difficult decision and could give you heartbreak. However, you’re going to want to be independent during this process. To become more independent during this process, try looking for different jobs! Jobs like tutoring are flexible with your schedule and can get you some extra cash.

Also, try not to forget that close friends and family are there for you. They’re probably more than willing to help you during this time. Additionally, they can help you with things that are weighing on you. Your responsibilities and spirits can be hard to carry on your own. But, if you lean on your family and friends and stay patient, this big step in your life will be easier to go through.