When it comes to your divorce, sometimes the hardest part can be initiating it. In fact, no matter how much you know it’s the right thing to do, taking that step can be hard. And there never seems to be an easy way to leave. But this is a crucial time, therefore you want to avoid making these leaving mistakes.

Leaving Mistakes: How Not to Start Your Divorce

Developing a Secret Plan 

One of the most common leaving mistakes you can make during a divorce is planning to do it in secret. In most cases, this is not the best option and usually doesn’t pan out well. When you take off and leave with your belongings, you will break your ex’s trust. Which can make the divorce process and settlement much worse.

Failing To Talk About It 

Like devising a secret plan, failing to talk about your divorce is one of the common leaving mistakes. Yes, you know it’s time. And yes, your partner probably knows that too. But that doesn’t mean you still don’t need to discuss it before you proceed to take action. By failing to talk about filing for divorce, you can make your ex more hostile about the process. Instead of being able to settle things civilly, they may become defensive and try to ensure that you receive nothing.

Rehashing Past Issues 

When it comes to leaving mistakes, rehashing issues in your marriage is a big one. Once you and your partner decide on divorce, there’s no need to argue out all the old problems. In fact, there’s plenty of harmful ways to argue with your ex, but this is one of the worst. Because there’s nothing you can do about the past, constantly bringing it up can just make matters worse. You and your partner will be unable to part amicably and your children may be in the middle. So instead, it’s better to begin discussing the process of your divorce with your ex and your attorney.

Making Big Confessions 

During your leaving process, you may feel the need to confess your mistakes to your partner. While confessing big issues may help you feel better, it will more than likely just do more damage to your ex. At this point, you’ve decided to end your marriage and making impactful confessions can only cause wounds to go deeper.

In short, these common leaving mistakes can make a big difference in your case and even in life after the divorce. For the most part, you probably want to split on as best of terms as possible. But these leaving mistakes can make sure that doesn’t happen.