You’ve finally figured out a joint custody agreement with your ex. Even though that’s great, it doesn’t always feel great. Whenever your kids are away, you miss them so much. It can be a difficult time because your feelings are so strong. However, with planning ahead, you can lessen your hurt when your kids are away at the other parent’s house.

Joint Custody Woes: I’m Missing My Kids…

Plan Accordingly                           

Life is busy and planning ahead may not always happen. However, if you have a joint custody with your ex and you’re missing the kids the whole time, it’s needed. Plan a few days before they leave what you’ll do in their absence. For example, you can meet up with friends, go on a date, or just hang out by yourself. There are endless possibilities to what you can do. The most important thing is to be committed to it. That way, you don’t stay home and wallow in your kids’ absence.

Pick Call Times

Depending on what your ex has planned for your children, making calls with your kids is great. If it doesn’t interrupt their activities, set up call times that you and your ex has agreed on. That way, it doesn’t take from their time with the kids and there are no arguments. It also lets you check on them. Checking up on someone you miss can offer a big release of stress. In that case, picking call times during your joint custody agreement can be hard but worth it.

Do Something Special

While your kids are away, try to focus on yourself for a bit. Between call times, try to do something special for yourself to keep your mind off of them. This can be as small as getting a slice of cake or going out to eat instead of cooking. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s something that’ll relieve your stress. Everyday life is hard enough already and missing your kids because of joint custody can make it tougher. Do things that you want to do to ensure you’re feeling better.

Joint custody can be hard. However, after you’ve worked out an agreement, it can be even harder! Missing your kids while they’re away at their other parent’s place is difficult. To not have such a hard time with that, plan your time ahead. On top of that, schedule call times that are good for everyone. After that, make sure you do something special for yourself. You deserve it.