The holidays tend to be a stressful time for nearly everyone. However, if you’re coming off of a divorce, then it can be especially hard. That’s why you’ll want to try and reduce that holiday stress. There’s a few things in particular that you can do to help minimize this stress…

Holiday Stress: Ways To Manage

Put the kids first

Holiday stress won’t just be something that bothers you. It’ll also be something that impacts your kids as well. This is especially true if your divorce was somewhat recent. It can be hard for your kids to deal with both the divorce, and the holiday changes that come as a result. 

Therefore, try to keep them in mind when making holiday-related decisions. In fact, much of your stress might come from worrying about your kids and how to make the holidays work for them. That’s why it’s a good idea to work with your co-parent on a plan that puts the kids first.

Plan ahead of time

It’s always a good idea to make your holiday plans ahead of time, rather than at the last-minute. Trying to throw together plans without time to prepare is usually a major cause of holiday stress. This is very apparent when you try to make plans with your co-parent about the kids. 

A good time to make these plans is in October or early November. That way, you and your ex will have enough time to make a plan, while not being so far from the holidays. Be sure to keep your kids in the loop as well, in order to help reduce their holiday anxieties.

Spend time with others

After dealing with holiday stress and a divorce, it can be tempting to isolate yourself. This is especially true if your ex has the kids for most of the holiday season. However, you want to resist this temptation, and instead spend some time with those you care for.

Being with friends and family is a great way to remind yourself that you’re not alone. Plus, it can give you the kind of break that you need, away from all the stuff related to divorce. There’s still enjoyment to be had in the holidays, even after a divorce.