Most people associate divorce with couples in the 20-40’s age range. However, grey divorce, which involves those older couples who have been married for longer, is actually on the rise. Understanding the common reasons behind these divorces can give some insight as to why this is…

Grey Divorce: Why It Happens

Financial issues

Financial problems are a common reason for a lot of divorces. Grey divorce is no different. Finances can always be tricky to handle, especially when one spouse is mainly in charge of them. This could cause a lot of stress on a relationship, and along with debt, can lead to arguments that result in a divorce. 

Financial issues can tend to get worse as couples get older. As they approach retirement, it can get harder for them to work and save up money. Furthermore, this could cause arguments over who spends what and why. All of this just further adds onto the stress that could cause a divorce.

Growing apart

Over time, couples can feel like they’re loosing touch with one another. Those initial feelings they had when they married begin to fade, and they’re unable to really feel that connection with each other. This can happen quickly, or slowly over time, which tends to result in grey divorce.

Older couples in the past may have “stuck it out” because of how frowned upon divorce used to be. However, these days divorce is much more socially acceptable. As a result, older couples are more willing to decide on divorce when they recognize things aren’t working out anymore.


Another motivator behind grey divorce is infidelity. Again, when people think of cheating, they usually envision it happening to younger couples. However, cheating is actually a pretty common reason that older couples tend to split up. In fact, there’s a few reasons why an older person might chose to cheat on their partner.

For starters, cheating can be a way for a person to boost their confidence as they get older. Being with someone else can make someone feel much more better about themselves as they age, especially if it’s with a younger person. Cheating could also be motivated by a person no longer finding their partner attractive in contrast to younger people.