When most people think of divorce, they imagine something full of arguments and bitterness. However, it’s actually possible to pull off a friendly divorce. While it does take more work, it’ll make things easier on you both in the long run…

Friendly Divorce: How To Pull It Off

Understand what happened

The first part of a friendly divorce is figuring out how things got to this point. With divorce, a lot of exes like to try and point fingers and place all the blame on the other one. This leads to a lot of tension and anger, which is then reflected in the divorce process itself.

The thing is, a marriage is made up of two people. In reality, it’s usually both partners who did or didn’t do things which lead to a divorce. If you both can understand where things went wrong, without solely placing blame, then you’re a lot more likely to reach a peaceful outcome.

Find common ground

Another important way to pull off a friendly divorce is by finding some common ground. There might be some areas which you and your ex disagree on. However, instead of lingering and fighting over these areas, try to look for ones where you’re in agreement instead.

Finding common ground, like say with custody agreements, can help you both get the ball moving. Once you’re able to agree on one area, it becomes much easier to find compromises for those where you disagree. This will help cut down on the chances of those potentially explosive arguments.

Don’t try to “win”

Trying to “win” in divorce over your ex is one way to ensure a friendly divorce doesn’t happen. While divorce might not appear to be a mutual collaborative effort like marriage, it actually can be. You and your ex can work together rather than trying to one-up each other. 

The main thing is to treat your ex with respect. While it can be upsetting to divorce, even if things ended mutually, you still shouldn’t disrespect them. Instead, if you show them some respect, then they’ll show it back to you, and your divorce will be a lot easier for you both.