Family vacations following separation or divorce are tough. A significant member of the family is suddenly not there and their presence is probably missed by the children. While the idea of your first family vacation post-divorce may seem daunting, it’s important to keep in mind that your focus is on the vacation and the memories to be made, not on the divorce.

First Family Vacation Post-Divorce: Getting Away

Keep Busy

A full itinerary will keep everyone’s minds active and in the moment instead of focusing on who is missing. Family vacations take on a new meaning after divorce and that is okay! Planning the day to day activities, rather than just winging it, will ensure you have a smooth first vacation post-divorce. Plus, the family will appreciate the effort so they don’t have to worry about anything.

Go Somewhere New

It’s possible that your family vacations have always been to the same place or had a similar feel to them. For your first family vacation post-divorce, try going somewhere new and starting a new tradition. New places will allow for a clean slate, allowing the family to start a new tradition that is exclusively yours.

Keep an Open Mind

Planning and preparing are a great way to make the most out of your vacation, but make sure you are listening to the wants and needs of the family. The first vacation following a divorce or separation of parents will become a marker in the children’s lives, just as the first family vacation post-divorce will become a marker in yours. Include the family in some decision making or allow children to choose where to eat, what movie to see, or other small things to keep them included in the flow of the vacation.

Have Fun

Vacations, stay-cations, and other getaways are chances to relax and decompress. Spending all your time on vacation worrying about how the vacation is going won’t help it go any smoother! Slow down and enjoy your time with the family. Your first family vacation post-divorce will go smoothly if you unwind and enjoy the little things. ​