When most people think of cheating, they assume it’s something physical or emotional. However, what about financial cheating? While it might sound odd, it’s in fact a potential reason some couples will split. That’s why it’s important to know what it might look like…

Financial Cheating: A Real Concern?

Missing money

One major sign of financial cheating is missing money. It’s not uncommon for couples to share a bank account with each other. That way, they both have easy access to money when they need it. Still, both partners tend to let the other know if they’re going to use some of those funds.

Things can become concerning when you notice a lot of withdrawals that your spouse never mentioned. When you see this, it’s a good idea to ask your spouse what’s going on. In the meantime, try to keep your money safe in a separate account that only you have access to.

New purchases galore

Another sign of financial cheating can be when your partner makes a lot of new purchases. Now, everyone deserves to buy something for themselves every once in a while. But, it can be a problem if those purchases are happening nearly every day.

It becomes especially concerning if these purchases are super expensive. Your spouse might even try to hide their spending habits from you. Rather than order things to the house, they may go set up a separate P.O box. Sooner or later, though, you’ll notice the sheer amount of things they’ve bought.

They hate talking money

Couples should take some time and talk to one another about their finances. After all, the more financially stable you are, the easier things will be. Plus, if you’ve noticed signs of financial cheating, you probably want to bring them up to them. So what happens if they hate talking about finances?

Usually, spouses who cheat financially try to avoid talking about the subject. That’s because they know you might draw attention to their actions. As a result, they might try to dodge it. Despite this, it’s important you both talk about this issue with one another.