The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has made its impact felt on the “usual” divorce process. In fact, some people may have to try and pull off a divorce while living together. While it might seem frustrating at first, there are ways to pull it off…

Divorce While Living Together: How To Handle It

Set up boundaries

One of the hardest parts of a divorce while living together is feeling like you don’t have any space. After all, a divorce is supposed to separate you from your spouse. Staying in the same house can feel a bit counterproductive. Still, you can set up the boundaries you need.

For instance, it’s helpful for you to both set up rooms which will be your own. That way, you can have a private area that’ll let you have the personal space you need. Be sure you also go over other basic boundaries, so you both are able to respect the other person’s wishes.

Help the kids

Another way to manage a divorce while living together is by focusing on helping the kids. This is going to be a tough time for them as they adjust to you being divorced. However, you can take some steps to help them handle things better while you’re still living together.

In fact, this is a good time to work on a co-parenting plan and put it to the test. This will help you see what might work and what won’t, and work together on how to make fixes. Plus, your kids will also have a smoother transition into the post-divorce family life than if one of you were to suddenly leave and live somewhere else.

Work together

Cooperation is a key part of a successful divorce while living together. In general, this means working together on the things you may have shared before. You’ll both still want to help out with general cleaning, buying groceries, and paying bills when living under one roof.

By working with one another, you avoid building feelings of resentment over one of you being a “freeloader” and doing nothing. This will help foster more cooperation in the divorce process. It’ll be a lot easier to come to compromises when you’ve been working together like this!