When it comes to your divorce, the last thing you may want to do is talk about it. However, there’s things you have to get in order so talking about it will be necessary. So here’s a few people you need to have a divorce talk with.

Divorce Talk: Who You Should and Shouldn’t Talk To About Your Divorce

Your Spouse

First, you’ll need to have a divorce talk with your spouse. Ironically, this is probably the last person you’re wanting to have this conversation with. However, it’s  necessary to make sure it’s the right decision. After deciding to move forward with your divorce, the two of you can discuss how it’s best to do that. In this divorce talk, you want to see if you both are on the same page and will be able to proceed more smoothly with the process.

Your Attorney

After having the initial talk with your spouse, you want to have a divorce talk with your attorney. From that point on, you can allow your attorney to work as the middle man between you and your ex. In addition, they can help you understand how the process will work, the legal terminology, and what you need to do next.

Your Financial Advisor

After your divorce, odds are your finances will look a lot different. It’s important to go ahead and get a jump on what they will look like when you’re single. Also, your advisor can help you determine how you should be able to split the finances, debt, and other assets. With such drastic changes  ahead, it’s important to get a good understanding of what this means for you financially.

Your Therapist

Going through a divorce is tough and it’s a very emotional time. It’s the ending of sharing your life with someone else and the end of a life you’ve grown accustomed to. Depending on the issues in your marriage, you will most likely walk away with some scars. So in order to move forward, you may want to have a divorce talk with your therapist. By doing this, you can find someone trustworthy to talk to and help you cope.

Your Kids

If you have children from this marriage, this can be the hardest divorce talk to have. But after you and your spouse decide to move forward with divorce, it’s important to approach this with your kids. In many cases, children already suspect that bad news is coming. So it’s good to start talking about this, that way they can begin working through their own feelings about it.

In short, there’s a small list of people you need to have a divorce talk with. However, there’s a large list of people that it won’t do you an good to talk to. While most friends and family members want to offer their help, it’s normally just bad advice. Be careful who you share personal details to and receive advice from about your divorce.