When it comes to your divorce, only you and your spouse can know if it’s the right decision. But with such a big decision, how can you really be sure it’s time? Well here’s some divorce signs that let most couples know it’s time to end things for good.

Divorce Signs: Is It Really Over?

You’ve Already Uncoupled 

One of the earliest divorce signs comes when you and your spouse naturally uncouple. By that, we mean the two of you have subconsciously stopped acting like a couple. One of you may spend most of your time at the office. While the other starts hanging out with friends or family more often. In either case, you’re avoiding one another. And any time you must spend together feels like a burden or something to dread. In this case, it’s likely you’ve already checked out of the marriage and stopped operating as a couple.

You Feel Like You’re the Only One Trying 

When it comes to divorce signs, a telling one is when you feel that you’re the only one trying. While you are working to save your marriage, your spouse gives little to no effort. For example, you may seek out counseling to help work through things. But in the least, your spouse will go but you feel like you’re dragging them. They give no effort to come up with ways to save the marriage on their own. When this is the case, you can become resentful and stop trying. So essentially, neither of you are trying and your marriage makes no progress in healing or moving forward.

Neither of You Are Willing To Compromise with Want or Needs 

Another one of the common divorce signs is an overall lack of compromise. When one or both of you becomes unwilling to give in most areas, there’s little room to move forward. Without compromise, each person struggles to place their own needs and wants over the other person’s. Then each of you begin traveling in different directions and neither is willing to come along side the other.

Likewise, too much compromise from only one person can be common in divorce signs. One person feels the need to give and give, unable to meet their own wants and needs.

When it comes to divorce signs, there can be many that indicate it’s time to end things. Ultimately, it must be a decision either you or both you and your spouse can come to and feel sure it’s the best thing. Once you’ve made that decision, it’s good to start understanding and prepare yourself for the process of divorce.