When it comes to divorce, people want it for many different reasons. However, through out all marriages there lies a common thread of reasons. And in many cases, those reasons tend to be different for men than they are for women. So what are the most common reasons husbands want a divorce? Here’s a list of common divorce reasons for men.

Divorce Reasons for Men: Why Husbands Want to Split

Lack of Appreciation

One of the most common divorce reasons for men is that they don’t feel appreciated in their marriage. For the most part, men have a need for affirmation and appreciation. They want to know that what they are doing for their spouse and family has value. So when they don’t feel appreciated, it can lead to resentment and problems in the relationship.

Can’t Agree on Finances

Finances also play a huge part in divorce reasons for men. While finances could mean any types of money issues, most men report having disagreements about spending. They want to spend one way but their spouse wants to spend another way. And neither can agree. These spending issues are one of the more common divorce reasons for men.

Feeling Inadequate

In many cases, feelings of inadequacy can lead to one of the common male divorce reasons. In short, feeling inadequate can just mean feeling like they aren’t measuring up. This can be particularly hard in a relationship. When someone begins feeling like there’s nothing they can do to please their partner, they typically begin acting out. This can lead to decisions to cheat or try to control the other partner. But in other cases, it can lead to feelings of dissatisfaction so strong, that men want out of the marriage.

Problems of Infidelity

Another one of the common divorce reasons for men is that one partner cheated. Whether it was him or his partner, problems with cheating is a common reason men to seek divorce. In some cases, people cheat then realize they no longer want to be in their marriage and they seek a divorce. In other cases, the other spouse cheats and the marriage cannot withstand the damage caused by the betrayal. Whatever the specifics, infidelity by themselves or their partner, ends up being a common reason for divorce in men.