When it comes to getting a divorce, everyone comes to terms with it differently. Just as no love story is the same, each couple’s journey to divorce is different. However, most divorce cases do share some common causes. So what reasons most often bring couple’s to the point of calling it quits? Here’s a list of the most common divorce causes.

Divorce Causes: Common Reasons Couples Call It Quits

Someone Has An Affair

No shocker that infidelity ranks number one on our list of divorce causes. When one partner cheats, it often causes a break down in respect and trust. In many cases, the other partner may not be able to overcome the pain and betrayal that comes along with finding out a spouse hasn’t been loyal. In other cases, cheating is already a defined line for someone and they have no interest in try to work through it.

Money Fights

Next on the list of divorce causes, finances play a huge role in the success (or failure) of a marriage. In many cases, the biggest money fights come from different spending habits. One spouse feels they should spend money one way, while the other feels differently. Also, difference in salary can cause a big problem. When one spouse makes considerably more than the other, that can disagreements in how and who should handle the finances.

Communication Skills (Or the Lack Thereof)

Being able to talk, listen, and understand to one another is a crucial part of marriage. So it may be no surprise that communication, or a lack of it, made the list of divorce causes. In many cases, people believe communicating just means talking. But when it comes to a relationship, it’s more about the way you talk. If you’re yelling, instead of speaking respectfully with your spouse, that can lead to bad communication. If you’re only talking and never listening, that qualifies as poor communication. And if you’re never talking, but choosing to shut down instead, that can be just as bad. Not being able to talk, listen, or understand one another often leads to a total break down in the marriage.