Missing an ex is common. Very rarely do relationships end with neither party missing the other. This can be especially difficult if there was no transformative moment in the relationship that ended it. Some coping methods are healthier than others; we’ll discuss those below. Missing an ex is natural, even if it was a decision for the best.

Coping Methods: Missing an Ex

Reasons for Missing Them

Is it actually the person you’re missing, or the idea of having a person? Decide which behaviors of your ex-significant other you miss. This is one of the coping methods that requires some self-introspection. Understand that specific behaviors are hard to cope with. On the bright side, once you realize that it isn’t the person but the behavior, you’ll be able to move on.

Change Your Habits

When a relationship ends, the routines and habits and traditions do, too. Coping methods that involve changing your habits are refreshing. It can be difficult, but you must power through it. Habits that focus on yourself are much more beneficial to your mental and physical health.

Missing an Ex is Natural, Relax

It’s okay to miss your ex! Do not beat yourself up over the fact that you miss your ex. In coping methods like this, it is detrimental to your health to dwell on the negatives. Plus, thinking of yourself negatively will never lead to anything good.

What’s next?

In this time of your life, make sure you focus on yourself! During your tour of coping methods to find which works best, consider what you really need. Do you place a higher focus on spending a lot of time together doing mundane things? Or would you prefer spending less time together but doing more quality things? These are things you’ll need to think about for yourself and for future relationships.

Coping methods that work for you might not work for others. Understand that getting over an ex is a marathon, not a sprint. If you are feeling defeated, think about how far you’ve come. An additional plus is, you’ll learn from this for future experiences!