Constant arguing can place your marriage on a fast-track towards divorce. Therefore, it’s important to recognize some common marriage arguments. Spotting these arguments early can help you and your spouse work on solving this issues before it’s too late…

Common Marriage Arguments


Money is a usual factor behind common marriage arguments. Many couples will disagree about what they should spend their money on. This is especially true if money tends to be tight. Not having a lot of spending money can stress you and your partner out quite a bit.

That’s why it’s helpful to try and make a financial plan together. Pool your income and see how it compares to your expenses, such as bills. If you need to save some extra money, then do so together. If you both work with each other, then it can help reduce the disagreements you run into.


Commitment is also another contributor to common marriage arguments. The main issue tends to be over a lack of commitment. One partner might not feel like the other really cares about them or their marriage. They may even accuse them of cheating, with or without any evidence. 

The thing is, marriage has to be built on a mutual trust. You’re not going to be able to watch your partner 24/7, and so you have to place some trust in them. Showing commitment through actions or words helps reinforce that trust, and put doubts aside.

Future plans

Many of the common marriage arguments erupt over disagreements about future plans. For instance, one partner might want to have kids sooner, while the other wants to wait. Or, one partner might want to move, while another likes where they are now. Over time, these slight differences can turn into full-on arguments.

In general, planning for the future is all about being realistic, and willing to compromise. If your family is struggling in terms of cash or work, then having a kid or moving will be tough. Still, you need to be sympathetic to your partner’s feelings. When you both can talk about this openly and honestly, then you can get a productive result.