There are many, usually complex reasons for why a couple may chose to get a divorce. However, there are some more common divorce reasons out there. One thing to think of, however, is how the reasons men give compare to the reasons women give. As it turns out, many ex-wives tell both similar and different stories…

Common Divorce Reasons: What Wives Say


One of the common divorce reasons given by both men and women is financial issues. At first, many spouses are willing to overlook financial issues, like excessive spending. Often times, they claim that they believed that over time, their partner would eventually get things under control. However, this tends to not be the case.

Eventually, a wife might be fed up with their partner’s financial issues, as it begins to effect both of their lives. Plus, several husbands might want to keep control over the finances. This can make many wives feel less-involved, and overall less-important. Eventually, these issues add up, and can lead to divorce.

Growing apart

Another one of the common divorce reasons given by wives is feeling like they’ve grown apart from their spouse. When a couple gets married, they probably feel like they know each other pretty well. However, over time, they may learn that their spouse isn’t who they thought they were.

Eventually, this can result in a person feeling like their spouse is a stranger to them. This can become amplified if a couple has kids, and have different parenting styles. Over time, this rift becomes larger and larger, until it ends up in divorce.


Abuse is another one of those common divorce reasons, unfortunately. Many times, when someone thinks of an abusive spouse, they may think of physical abuse. However, emotional abuse is also very real, and a very valid reason for getting a divorce. Things like gaslighting can really have a negative effect on a person’s mental state. 

Of course, any relationship which is abusive should definitely end. Still, it can be hard for a person being abused to make those first steps. However, it’s important to get away from an abuser, find somewhere safe, and take the proper measures as soon as one can.