Infidelity is one of the most common reasons as to why couples will get a divorce. Many times, the cheated-on partner will look back and realize there were a lot of cheating red flags they didn’t see at first. Recognizing these signs in advance can help clue you in on if you’re partner is being unfaithful…

Cheating Red Flags: Common Behavior

Frequently out

One of the potential cheating red flags is when your partner is constantly out and not at home. Usually, they’ll try and say things like they needed to stay late for work or got hung up in traffic. Now, sometimes this does certainly happen. However, if it’s constantly occurring, then it could indicate something else is going on.

Plus, pay attention to what times they come back home. Frequently coming back at very late hours makes those previous excuses harder to believe. Eventually, it could get to the point where they spend more time out of the house than with you. This can pretty quickly let you know they might be seeing someone else.

Neglecting you

Feeling neglected by your partner can also be another of the cheating red flags. For instance, does your partner not really spend time doing things with you anymore? Even when they’re at home, they might rather spend their time alone and away from you than doing things together.

Eventually, it could get to the point where they actively avoid having to do things with you. Instead of enjoying your company, they seem to resent having to be around you. They’ll also be much more reluctant to spend any intimate time together. If this happens, especially in a sudden fashion, it may be because they’re having an affair.

Signs of another person

Some of the most obvious cheating red flags are when it seems like your partner has been very close with someone else. They could have someone else’s lipstick on their face, or smell like someone’s cologne or perfume. Even seemingly minor things like them having other people’s hair on their clothes or notes and phone numbers they keep hidden can point to cheating. 

When confronted, your partner will probably try and make up excuses for what you found. Or, they might try and turn things around on you and get angry that you don’t trust them. Still, when there’s evidence like that, it’s hard to see any alternative