When it comes to relationships, nothing may hurt worse than finding out your partner is cheating on you. As you try to cope with the pain, you may often ask yourself or your partner “why”. Although people cheat for different reasons, unfaithful partners normally try using one of these tired reasons. So here’s a list of cheating excuses to look out for when you address your partner’s unfaithfulness.

Cheating Excuses: Why They Say They Did It

You’re Just Not What You Used To Be

In a lot of marriages, a person may blame their partner’s aging body for the reason they cheated. As far as cheating excuses go, “you’re just not what you used to be” is a fairly common reason. The cheater may say their partner gained weight, let go of themselves, or just gave up caring. Then they use this as an excuse to find someone who takes better care of themselves.

You Just Don’t Get Me 

In some cases, your partner may claim that they cheated because you just don’t understand them. While not feeling understood can lead to problems with intimacy, that doesn’t mean it’s automatically your fault. In fact, sometimes when your partner feels misunderstood, it could be because they are unwilling to explain. When someone shut downs emotionally or stops communicating, it can be hard for the other person to understand why. So rather than opening up or working through communication problems, the unfaithful partner decides to step out of the relationship and fall back on these cheating excuses.

It’s Just Physical

In some cases, a cheating partner may tell you ” that it didn’t mean anything, it was purely physical.” For some spouses, they truly believe it’s that simple– that this physical act doesn’t reflect their love for you.

It Was Just For the Thrill Of It

In some cases, spouses who cheat enjoy the thrill of it. By that, the thrill of doing something that feels wrong, excites them. With cheating excuses like this, they may insinuate that your marriage became boring. So instead of working to add some spark back to the marriage, they chase the thrill of cheating instead.

The Truth Behind Cheating Excuses

No matter the cheating excuses your partner uses, remember that cheating is a personal reflection of their choices and character. A lot of times, unfaithful partners may try to make you feel like you are to blame. Therefore, you didn’t do anything to make them cheat. Nor could you have done anything better to keep them from being unfaithful.

If your partner is using these cheating excuses instead of owning up to their mistakes, this could be a sign that it’s time to get out of the relationship.