Post-Divorce Forgiveness

When your divorce is finally over, you'll probably be eager to move on with your life. Still, there might be some nagging feelings holding you back. In these cases, it can be useful to practice some post-divorce forgiveness. Doing so can help you get started on your new chapter... Post-Divorce Forgiveness: Making Changes Why forgive? Post-divorce forgiveness can seem like a bit of a tall order at first. This is especially true if you feel your divorce was due to something your spouse did. Why should you forgive them for how they've wronged you? As it turns out, there's a couple reasons why. For starters, everyone makes mistakes in marriage. Even if your spouse's were larger overall, by being able to forgive them, you can also forgive yourself for things you felt you did. Also, holding onto that grudge can keep you full of anger for the foreseeable future. Forgive, but don't forget Something important to know about post-divorce forgiveness is [...]

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Divorce Guilt

Feelings of divorce guilt, much like with shame, tend to be pretty common. However, many people feel this guilt when they really don't need to. Understanding how to let go of this guilt can help you start to move forward... Divorce Guilt: Moving Forwards Understanding guilt To better understand divorce guilt, it helps to what guilt is itself. We feel guilt when we think we've hurt someone else. It also tends to occur when we believe we've failed something important to us. Or, it could be caused by feeling like you should've moved on, but haven't yet. Based on this, it's easy to understand why some people would feel guilty after their divorce.  Sometimes, this guilt can make sense if a relationship ended due to an affair someone had. Still, most people misplace this guilt. Many times, they're allowing for other people's mistakes to be placed onto them, and make them feel guilty as a result. Initiator guilt One of the most common [...]

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Social Media Habits

How you use social media can have negative consequences, even after your divorce. However, your social media habits during divorce are very important. While social media is something people widely use, there's a few things you'll want to avoid doing while divorcing... Social Media Habits: What To Avoid Rants and attacks One of the bad social media habits to avoid are rants or attacks. Many people use social media almost like a journal. Getting things off your chest can feel good, but it can also get you into the trouble. This is especially true when you're getting a divorce. If you post negative things about your ex, then they can use that as evidence against you. This can seriously impact how your divorce goes. Even if you have them blocked, don't take the risk of posting things like these. Mutual friends or other followers could send them your posts and still get you in trouble.  Location sharing Location sharing is also another of [...]

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Post-Divorce Self-Care

After divorcing, you might not be in the best mindset. This can make it hard to get your new life started the right way. As a result, it's helpful to focus on post-divorce self-care. Doing so can help you recover in a few different ways... Post-Divorce Self-Care & Recovery Physical care A lot of people like to start their post-divorce self-care with physical care. There's several different physical impacts divorce can have. For instance, many people might see their diet get unhealthy. Others might have trouble getting a good night's sleep since their divorce. Making changes here can have a ripple effect, as they tend to be linked. Exercising and eating healthy will not only improve how you feel, but it'll also help you sleep better. Sleeping better will then give you more energy and focus, especially for exercising. Once you start making changes, it'll be hard to stop! Emotional care Emotional care is also important for post-divorce self-care. There's a wide range [...]

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New Home Post-Divorce

Getting a new home post-divorce can be an exciting way to start your new chapter in life. Still, you want to make sure you set yourself up for success. That's why there's a few things to consider when you're looking for a new home... New Home Post-Divorce: Making Changes Consider the location At the top of your considerations for a new home post-divorce should be its location. Location is going to be important for a lot of factors. For example, will it be closer or farther to where you work? Or, if you have kids, you may want to consider if it's close-by to good schools. It helps if you make a pros and cons list for the homes you have an interest in. Consider additional factors like if the neighborhood is quiet, how clean the area appears to be, and the overall cost compared to other choices. Doing so will help you narrow down your choices very quickly. Do some [...]

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Friendly Divorce: Keep it Amicable

When most people think of divorce, they imagine something full of arguments and bitterness. However, it's actually possible to pull off a friendly divorce. While it does take more work, it'll make things easier on you both in the long run... Friendly Divorce: How To Pull It Off Understand what happened The first part of a friendly divorce is figuring out how things got to this point. With divorce, a lot of exes like to try and point fingers and place all the blame on the other one. This leads to a lot of tension and anger, which is then reflected in the divorce process itself. The thing is, a marriage is made up of two people. In reality, it's usually both partners who did or didn't do things which lead to a divorce. If you both can understand where things went wrong, without solely placing blame, then you're a lot more likely to reach a peaceful outcome. Find common ground Another [...]

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Remarrying: Making Big Moves

It can be tricky to get back into the dating game after your divorce. Still, what happens when you find someone you really like? You might start to think about remarrying. That's why it's important to make sure the timing is right... Remarrying: Know The Right Time After you've healed Before you do any remarrying, you want to make sure that you've healed from your last marriage. Both the marriage itself and your divorce have probably left you with a lot of complex emotions. Therefore, you need to make sure you process them before anything else. If you bring those emotions into a new marriage, it could lead to issues. Considering how many second marriages end in divorce, you definitely don't want to do that. Rather, take some time beforehand to work things out and be better prepared for the future.  When you're ready financially Your finances will also play a role in remarrying. Divorce can take a bit of a toll on your [...]

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Home Cleaning Post-Divorce

Whether you're moving somewhere new or keeping the old house, it can be useful to do some cleaning. Home cleaning post-divorce can have a few different benefits. Therefore, while it might seem hard, there are some ways to make it easier... Home Cleaning Post-Divorce: A Fresh Start Start one room at a time One mistake people make when doing home cleaning post-divorce is trying to do it all at once. However, trying to clean a whole house at the same time can be tough. When confronted with all the different cleaning you'll need to do, you might just want to give up on the whole process. To avoid this burnout, it's useful to tackle one part of the home at a time. Taking care of things piece-by-piece can make cleaning much more doable. Plus, you'll also avoid getting burnt out from a whole day of cleaning. That way, you get your house clean and do so it a quality manner. Clean out [...]

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Common Marriage Arguments

Constant arguing can place your marriage on a fast-track towards divorce. Therefore, it's important to recognize some common marriage arguments. Spotting these arguments early can help you and your spouse work on solving this issues before it's too late... Common Marriage Arguments Money Money is a usual factor behind common marriage arguments. Many couples will disagree about what they should spend their money on. This is especially true if money tends to be tight. Not having a lot of spending money can stress you and your partner out quite a bit. That's why it's helpful to try and make a financial plan together. Pool your income and see how it compares to your expenses, such as bills. If you need to save some extra money, then do so together. If you both work with each other, then it can help reduce the disagreements you run into. Commitment Commitment is also another contributor to common marriage arguments. The main issue tends to be over [...]

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Divorce Insomnia: Adjusting to Changes

Divorce can come with a lot of unhealthy side-effects. One of these issues can be divorce insomnia. Not being able to sleep properly can take a serious toll. That's why it's important to try and help your body get the rest it needs... Divorce Insomnia: Regaining Sleep Avoid any stimulants One thing to avoid when battling divorce insomnia are stimulants at night. What we eat or drink during the night can seriously impact how easy it is for use to fall asleep. For example, things with caffeine or sugar can keep you up for longer. So can nicotine or alcohol products. Therefore, you should avoid these stimulants as best as you can. In general, try to last have them at least 3 hours before you try and sleep. Past that point, it's better to choose other options, like water. Doing so will help you avoid being too stimulated to sleep. Cut down on distractions Distractions can also make divorce insomnia worse. Usually, [...]

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