Online Divorce: An Alternate Reality

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many people’s marriages and divorce plans to be flipped upside down. However, one of the most interesting things to happen has been online marriages. This raises the question of what about an online divorce? It may sound odd now, but it could be happening sooner than you think. Online divorce is absolutely a possibility of the future. But what would that look like? And where would it start? Online Divorce: Digital Separation E-Marriages COVID-19 has caused a lot of people to shift many aspects of their lives online. For instance, software like Zoom is allowing for companies to help employees work at home and keep in touch. In the areas most impacted by the pandemic, some people are even trying to digitize their marriage ceremonies. Recently, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo waved the requirement for marriage licenses to be obtained in-person. This is so couples don’t have to make trips down to the courthouse, keeping them and [...]

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Chronic Pain Post-Divorce: Unexpected Effect

Emotional pains tend to be pretty common during a divorce. However, you may also experience some physical pain as well. Chronic pain post-divorce is something which can definitely happen, and make your recovery process much harder. Therefore, it helps to know what you can do to manage it… Chronic Pain Post-Divorce: Treatment Options How it occurs Chronic pain post-divorce tends to be the result of heavy stress. Stress has a lot of negative effects on our bodies. It tends to not only impact a person’s emotions, but it can even result in physical problems too. That’s why even if you’re relatively healthy, you may experience pain after a particularly stressful divorce. Some stress-related pain which tends to be common is chest pains, heart pains, muscle pains, headaches and migraines, cramps, and high blood pressure. Of course, there’s also the fact that you may have suffered an injury that caused chronic pains before your divorce. Stress can make these pains flair up and feel [...]

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Stepchild Bonding: Co-Parenting Obstacles

One of the toughest things when creating a blended family is stepchild bonding. Your stepchild might feel a bit awkward around you, which isn’t your fault. However, doing some activities together can help break the ice and improve your bond… Stepchild Bonding: What To Try Watch their favorite show/movie One good method of stepchild bonding is watching their favorite movie or T.V. show with them. This is especially good for younger stepchildren. For them, it shows you’re interested in something they are as well. This can help them warm up to you and give you a fairer chance, as they’ll be in their comfort zone. When you’re watching the show or movie with them, try to use it as a way to spark some conversation. You can ask them about their favorite character, episode, etc. Younger kids especially like to talk to others about their interests. If they feel like they can talk to you, then they’ll soon be more trusting of you [...]

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Post-Divorce Social Life: Find Your Fun

Divorce tends to take up a lot of your free time. As a result, you might feel like you’ve been putting your social life on hold for quite some time. Creating a post-divorce social life is definitely something you’ll want to do. It’ll just require a bit more work than usual… Post-Divorce Social Life: Get Out There Be with friends When starting to put together your post-divorce social life, it’s good to start by spending time with your friends. These friends probably also offered you a lot of support when your divorce was occurring. Now, you’ll have a chance to finally spend time together without that hanging over your head. Still, there may be some friends you end up not seeing anymore. Usually, these are friends who were closer to your ex than you. It can be a bit counterproductive to be around people who sided more with your ex than you. Therefore, prioritize being with those who really gave you [...]

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Cheating Red Flags: How Will I Know?

Infidelity is one of the most common reasons as to why couples will get a divorce. Many times, the cheated-on partner will look back and realize there were a lot of cheating red flags they didn’t see at first. Recognizing these signs in advance can help clue you in on if you’re partner is being unfaithful… Cheating Red Flags: Common Behavior Frequently out One of the potential cheating red flags is when your partner is constantly out and not at home. Usually, they’ll try and say things like they needed to stay late for work or got hung up in traffic. Now, sometimes this does certainly happen. However, if it’s constantly occurring, then it could indicate something else is going on. Plus, pay attention to what times they come back home. Frequently coming back at very late hours makes those previous excuses harder to believe. Eventually, it could get to the point where they spend more time out of the house than with [...]

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Divorce While Living Together

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has made its impact felt on the “usual” divorce process. In fact, some people may have to try and pull off a divorce while living together. While it might seem frustrating at first, there are ways to pull it off… Divorce While Living Together: How To Handle It Set up boundaries One of the hardest parts of a divorce while living together is feeling like you don’t have any space. After all, a divorce is supposed to separate you from your spouse. Staying in the same house can feel a bit counterproductive. Still, you can set up the boundaries you need. For instance, it’s helpful for you to both set up rooms which will be your own. That way, you can have a private area that’ll let you have the personal space you need. Be sure you also go over other basic boundaries, so you both are able to respect the other person’s wishes. Help the kids Another way [...]

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Life Skills Post-Divorce: Finding Your Groove

Being single after a divorce can be enjoyable in a few different ways. However, odds are you and your spouse shared split household responsibilities when married. Therefore you might find yourself lacking some life skills post-divorce. Getting a handle on the simple stuff will let you more easily adjust to your new life… Life Skills Post-Divorce: Going Your Own Way Use lists and notes Lists and notes are very helpful when you’re relearning life skills post-divorce. It can be hard to memorize everything you need to take care of now that you’re single. For example, maybe your spouse handled things like grocery shopping or picking the kids up from school. You’ll probably struggle to memorize the full list or when to pick up the kids if you don’t have a reference. That’s why lists and notes are so handy. Constantly seeing the info you need to remember will help you commit it to memory faster. Plus, there’s a wide variety of apps you can [...]

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Coronavirus & Custody

When it comes to your custody agreement after divorce, consistency is key. However, amidst the Coronavirus outbreak, you might be forced to make a few adjustments or educated decisions about how to best split your time— if you split it at all. It might be difficult to make the call, especially if it means an extended period of time away from your child. But an unprecedented illness calls for unprecedented changes to your daily life. So, what steps do you need to make as a parent to protect your children?  Coronavirus & Custody: Unprecedented Adjustments  Flexibility is key  As we dive deeper into this pandemic, it’s important that we all hunker down and keep to our respective spaces. We want to avoid gathering in groups, seeing new people, and going out into public as much as possible. Especially if you are living with older people, pregnant, or have children— Coronavirus is nothing to play with. This is where custody agreements begin [...]

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Home Security Post-Divorce

Moving into a new home after your divorce can be exciting, but also concerning. Adjusting from living with someone else to being by yourself can make you worried about your safety. However, that’s why it can be a good idea to invest in some home security post-divorce. Doing so will help give you the peace of mind you need when at home for the first time in a long time… Home Security Post-Divorce: Peace of Mind Install a security system A security system is a great way to improve your home security post-divorce. In fact, most of the benefits from a security system are psychological. Most would-be burglars will avoid houses that appear to have security systems. For those that don’t, then the system ensures that they won’t get far with their plans.  Plus, these systems also help provide remote security. If you’re going on extended trips, then you can set your system accordingly. Many systems come with apps you can arm or disarm as [...]

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Post-Divorce Hobbies

Now that you've wrapped up your divorce, you probably have a lot more free time than usual. To pass this time, it may be useful to pick up some post-divorce hobbies. These hobbies not only are great mood boosters, but they can even help you start to move on from your divorce... Post-Divorce Hobbies: What To Try Exercise to de-stress Exercise is one of the most popular post-divorce hobbies, and this is for good reason. After all, exercise is proven to be a great way to relax and de-stress. Plus, the health benefits can not only make you feel great physically, but they can also be very handy self-esteem boosters. Plus, you have a lot of options available to you. Many people like to just start going to the gym or working out from home. Others like to pick up specialized exercises, such as yoga. You can even look at possibly joining local sports groups in your area, which will also hep [...]

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