It’s not uncommon for divorced people to date other divorced people. Of course, this can mean that you might end up with a blended family. Many couples worry that this could cause some tension. However, there are some ways you can help smooth over this transition…

Blended Family: Smooth The Transition

Plan out financials and housing

Couples tend to share many things with each other. The most common tend to be finances and housing. However, with a blended family, you don’t have to consider just your own personal finances. You also have to consider your family finances, as well as the houses you both have, which each family might consider to be their “home”.

To get around potential conflicts, you should sit down with your partner and plan things out. Look over your finances and budgets and see how you can merge them together into a new family financial system. As for housing, you might want to consider a new house altogether. That way, one side of the family doesn’t feel resentment towards the other, and your new family can start off on a brand new page.

Talk to your kids

When considering a blended family, you might be worries about how your partner’s kids will react. However, you also need to keep your own kids in mind as well. The idea of forming a new family with someone else can cause some old divorce-related emotions to resurface, which they may need some help understanding.

Remember that when your kids see you entering a new relationship such as this, then they have to give up the hope that you and your ex might’ve reconciled. Or, they might have trouble adjusting to potential step-siblings, because they aren’t their “true” siblings. Therefore, it helps to talk to them, see how they feel, and clear up any worries or concerns they have.

Figure out parenting roles

Try to talk to your new partner about the role both of you will play as stepparents. Sometimes, children in a new blended family will have some trouble adjusting to their new stepparent. You and your partner should be prepared for this, and come up with parenting plans which fit this.